Otros Aires

Lile produced Otros Aires USA Tour in 2017. This began with Michael Arntz, who introduced Lile to Otros Aires and suggested they connect. The friendship created during that tour between Lile, Miguel Di Genova and Diego Ramos, continued over the next several years. When the pandemic cancelled everyone’s events, and the Break Free on Wings of Music Project started to expand with many arrangements in many styles, Lile invited Miguel and Diego to arrange the music from the “Break Free on Wings of Music” into the Otros Aires tango style. Otros Aires joined the Break Free on Wings of Music Project in June 2021, creating in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

History of Otros Aires

Is a 21 Century Audiovisual ElectroTango project created,  produced and directed by the Argentinean musician, architect & Video Artist Miguel Di Genova. It was made between Barcelona and Buenos Aires ports in 2003. With a 17 year career as an International Act, 6 studio albums, 1 live album and a documentary DVD, Otros Aires has been presented in more than 200 cities in Europe, North and South America. Some of their videos count more than million visitors on Youtube, reach 50,000 fans in Facebook and more than 50,000 listeners in Spotify. Their songs are featured on TV Shows like “Dancing with the Stars” in the USA, “Strictly Come Dancing” in UK; and in International stage shows like “Break the Tango” of German Cornejo and “Esa Mujer es Tango of Mora Goday


Europe 2006 (June): Berlin (Berlin Tango Festival), Wiesbaden, Schwerin, Hamburg, Bremen, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Munich, Eindhoven, Tilburg.

Europe 2006 (November): Istanbul, Athens and Warsaw.

Europe 2007 introducing ¨Dos¨ in: Lisboa, Ámsterdam, Viena, Berlin, Milano, Padova, Bolonia, Tavira, Mentón, Hamburg and Amberes.

Europe 2008, Enero: Rome, Cesena, Napoli, Catania, Geneva, Vicenza, Athens and Salónica.

US 2008, February: Festival de Cine de Orlando (OLA Fest) and Tampa Bay Tango.

Europe 2008, March: Basel, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Wien, Bucharest, London. 

Canada and Europe 2008, April: Montreal, Quebec and Toronto. May: Bruges, Eindhoven, Bonn, Hannover, Muenster and Viersen.

Europe 2008, June: Bruges, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Pisa and Lille.

Europe 2008, November: Stuttgart, Athens, Barcelona, Albi, Paris, Munich, Weimar, Zurich, Wien.

Colombia 2008, November: Bogotá, Medellin.

Europe 2009, June: Berlin, Lausanne, Frankfurt, Bucharest, Milan, Torino, Vicenza, Prague, Galway, Dublin, Limerick, Stuttgart.

US 2009, July: Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, Washington, NYC.

Europe 2009, July: Huesca (Pirineos Sur), Cartagena (La Mar de Musicas)

Brazil 2009, September: Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, San Pablo.

Spain 2009, November: Burgos, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao


Brazil 2010 May: San Pablo

Europe 2010 July, August, September: Lisbon, Marbella, Ravena, Bucharest, Munich, Stuttgart, Barcelonnette, Copenhagen, Tarbes, Ariano, Budapest, Moscow, Oslo, Cannes, Vicenza, London, Chichester.

UK 2011, January: Chichester, Presteigne, Canterbury, Norwich, Glasgow, Bracknell

Europe 2011 April, May June, Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest, Cluj, Rome, Basel, Udine, Rivoli, Milan, Brussels, Bonn, Cesena, Stuttgart, Vienna, Coimbra, Aveiro, Torres Vedras, Athens, Tel-Aviv, Ashdod, Beer-Sheva, Rehovot.

Brazil 2011, July: Nova Friburgo, Petropolis.

Europe 2011 September, October, Moscu, Cheliabinsk, Trento, Rome, Leiria, Tores Novas, Paris.

Europe 2012 April, May June: Belgrade, Bremen, Bonn, Caen, Rivoli, Palermo, Marseille, Stuttgart, Luxemburg, Lyon, Istanbul, Sibiu, Venice, Hayward Heath.

Europe 2012 September, October: Amsterdam, Halle, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Aix les Bains, Milan, Oslo, Bucarest, Bari, Pisa.

Europe 2013 May, June: Palermo, Milan (2 concerts), Cesena, Cracow, Moscow (2 concerts), Rivoli, Paris, Ardingly, Potenza, Heerlen, Stuttgart, Cluj, Bree and Rome.

Europe 2014 April, May: Basel, Venice, Bonn, La Spezia, Caen, Hamburg, Bruxelles, Stuttgart, Plasencia, Madrid, Le Havre and Ardingly.

Europe 2014 November: Munich, Krefeld, Brussels, Eppelheim and Stuttgart.

Europe 2015 Mayo Julio: Madrid, Ardingly, Munich, Heerlen, Bruselas, Bremen, Padua, Stuttgart, Cagliari, Le Havre, Bologna, Leipzig.

Mexico 2015 Agosto: Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez

Europe 2016 May: Copenhage, Metz, Roma, Trieste, Siena, Bonn, Toulouse, Stuttgart, Nüremberg, Oldenburg, Nysa, Belin, Ardingly.

Europe 2016 August: Tarbes and Bucharest

Europe 2016 October: Redon and Rennes (Grand Soufflet festival)

Europe 2017 May: Montpellier, Varese, Paris, Molhouse.

Europa 2017 August: Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Eppelheim, Meiningen, Montpellier.

USA 2017 October: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Hartford.

Europe 2018 April, May: Le Puy en Velay, Berlin, Paris (x2), Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Metz, Cuneo.

USA 2018 October: Boston, Washington DC, New York.

Europe 2019 May: Basel, Bologna, Berlin, Ludwigshafen, 

Stuttgart, Bonn, Innsbruck, Trento.

The independent label ¨otrotono¨ has released five Otros Aires albums and 1 DVD: Otros Aires (2004), Otros Aires dos (2007), Vivo en Otros Aires (Live CD and DVD – 2009), Otros Aires Tricota (2010), Otros Aires 4 ¨big man dancing¨ (2013) and ¨Perfect Tango¨(2016). The albums were also released in Europe by the German record label Galileo MC.

This project counts with many collaborators like: Diego Ramos (Piano & arragements of all Otros Aires albums), Chloe Pfeiffer (Piano), Lalo zanelli (Piano), Martin Bruhn (Drums), Martin Paladino (Drums), Manu Mayol (Drums & production) Pablo Potenzoni (Drums), Javier Saume Mazzei (Drums), Christian Maturano (Drums), Carlos Ocorso (Percussion), Cristian -Bronto – Sepulveda (Contrabajo), Hugo Satorre (Bandoneon), Lysandre Donoso (Bandoneon), Herve Esquis (Bandoneon), Emmanuel Trifilio (Bandoneon), Simone Van DerVeerden (Bandoneon), Marisa Mercadé (Bandoneon), Korey Ireland (Bandoneon), Damian Foretic (Bandoneon), Matias Rubino (Bandoneon), Joe Powers (Harmonica), Mariano Heler (Guitar), Boyko Petkov (Producer of Balkan Airs), Omar Mollo (Guest Singer), Vivi Pedraglio (Remixes), Othelloman (Guest Rapper), Nick Wadlew (Cover Drawings), Marcelo Sofia (Cover Arts), Charly Fiorentino (Cover Arts) Miru Trigo (Photography) and Santiago Saponi (Video) Director)  between others.