Hands Preserving History: Tall Ships and Pianos

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport (GHHS) is proud to partner with the Hands Preserving History Project and to plan an event at the culmination of an Art installation featuring artist Seiko Takibana and piano rebuilder Kendall Ross Bean, culminating with a unveiling of a piano and art installation that will be included in the Breathe Free on Wings in Rhythm Project, possibly in Jack London Square.  GHHS partners with the Breathe Free on Wings in Rhythm Project and invites a performance of “Break Free on Wings of Music” composed by Kendall Ross Bean with lyrics by Karen Earle Lile at this unveiling event. 

GHHS also has a strong social media department that is happy to assist with the marketing efforts as the event gets closer.

We are pleased to collaborate with Karen Lile Productions on this project. Preserving history is a large part of our mission, and we are honored to be working with you on this project. For more information about Grays Harbor Historical Seaport go to their website at https://historicalseaport.org